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Sunday, February 29, 2004
B-Deck! A Title Is Born!
Excellent work, Jeff.

The goal here, of course, is not to create an "alternative A-deck". You're right, we've been blogging along on A deck for years now.

I think B-deck can serve several purposes:

1. A place were posts that are not of general interest but that are aimed at a smaller audience can be made.

2. Increase in band awareness, as people browse various "blogs" and see ours.

3. A place to gather in the all too frequent occurances of having no A-deck to go to.


Bloggin our way to the stars
Hi Kenny,

Made it from one end of the alternate quantum Jefferson Universe to the other.

I kind of agree with Ron S that we have all been bloggin at the official site (and elsewhere) for a while. Maybe we can add some more contemplative or even ridiculous commentary on our band here.

Anyway, JSH reporting to the B-Deck for duty.

OK. This is a team blog now. I've sent invitations to all a-deck members that I have e-mail addresses for. If you'd like to be included, drop me an email to:

kennl at comcast dot net

I'll get you added immediately.


I made it to this A-deck escape pod and am on my way to BLOG command central. Come and join the fun.


Feeling somewhat in a "giving" mood today, I'm going to upload a show to:


It will be the show from the ULTRA in Providence, RI, from Nov 8, 2003


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